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Africa Motorcycle Tours

Looking to Travel Africa on 2 Wheels? 

Thinking of making a lifetime dream a reality?

The following information will help you make all the necessary arrangements to make your 

Motorcycle Tour dream come true.

A big Thanks to Wikipedia for all the Geography & Climate information.

Africa is the largest of the three great southward projections from the largest landmass of the Earth. Separated from Europe by the Mediterranean Sea, it is joined to Asia at its northeast extremity by theIsthmus of Suez (transected by the Suez Canal), 163 km (101 mi) wide.[68] (Geopolitically, Egypt's Sinai Peninsula east of the Suez Canal is often considered part of Africa, as well.)[69]

From the most northerly point, Ras ben Sakka in Tunisia (37°21' N), to the most southerly point, Cape Agulhas in South Africa (34°51'15" S), is a distance of approximately 8,000 km (5,000 mi);[70] from Cape Verde, 17°33'22" W, the westernmost point, to Ras Hafun in Somalia, 51°27'52" E, the most easterly projection, is a distance of approximately 7,400 km (4,600 mi).[71] The coastline is 26,000 km (16,000 mi) long, and the absence of deep indentations of the shore is illustrated by the fact that Europe, which covers only 10,400,000 km2 (4,000,000 sq mi) – about a third of the surface of Africa – has a coastline of 32,000 km (20,000 mi).[71]

Africa's largest country is Algeria, and its smallest country is the Seychelles, an archipelago off the east coast.[72] The smallest nation on the continental mainland is the Gambia.

Geologically, Africa includes the Arabian Peninsula; the Zagros Mountains of Iran and the Anatolian Plateau of Turkey mark where the African Plate collided with Eurasia. TheAfrotropic ecozone and the Saharo-Arabian desert to its north unite the region biogeographically, and the Afro-Asiatic language family unites the north linguistically.

The climate of Africa ranges from tropical to subarctic on its highest peaks. Its northern half is primarily desert, or arid, while its central and southern areas contain bothsavanna plains and very dense jungle (rainforest) regions. In between, there is a convergence, where vegetation patterns such as sahel and steppe dominate. Africa is the hottest continent on earth and 60% of the entire land surface consists of drylands and deserts.[73] The record for the highest-ever recorded temperature, in Libya in 1922 (58 °C (136 °F)), was discredited in 2013.[74][75]

Our top featured Africa Motorcycle Tour Companies


Going motorcycling in Namibia, South Africa or Botswana? Wanting to ride a motorbike through Africa? Africa has no secrets for Ride2Roam. We will make your motorcycle holiday different. Not just an ordinary motorbike tour. No, during your motorbike holiday we will show you what southern Africa really is about. Different, because our tours are made by bikers for bikers. With us you don’t just book a hotel and a motorbike, but the experience of a lifetime. Different: no mass-tourism, but riding in a small, international group of motorbikers over the best roads in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. And since you book directly with us you pay no high commissions to a third party. Even our website is different. Made for a tablet it is made to discover us in the comfort of your living room. Yes. Motorcycle tours from Ride2Roam are different. Definitely different!

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