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Motorcycle & Biker Apparel and Accessories

Here we bring you companies that carry the coolest fashions and style Motorcycle & Biker Jeans, Motorcycle & Biker T-Shirts, Motorcycle & Biker Headbands, Motorcycle & Biker Headwraps, Motorcycle & Biker Bandanas, Motorcycle & Biker Riding Boots, Motorcycle & Biker Hats, Motorcycle & Biker Purses, Motorcycle & Biker Wallets and much more.

Gravitate Jeans LLC

Manufacturer of patented motorcycle jeans. These jeans are the most stylish and comfortable motorcycle jeans on the market. 


GatorSkins® was created in order to offer an apparel that keeps riders warm without heavy bulky garments or electric heated gear.

The Gatorskins® technology was developed by researchers from a new leading edge material. This micro fabric is knitted from ultra microfibers that are smaller than a human red blood cell, yet they hold a greater amount of warm air next to the body than traditional fabrics of equal or greater thickness. Gatorskins® will keep you warmer in the cold and drier in wet weather and still breath better than any other water repellent material you have tried.

Office: 866.520.2017
Johnny's Cell: 239.272.5528
Julie's Cell: 239.200.9609 

Welcome to, home of the Soco manufacturing full line of "DareDevil Durags", 
"Sugar Daddy's Blinged Out Sugar Skull Headbands",
"Iron Horse Sew-On Patches", "Candy's Bling Bandanas", "Rhinestone Headwraps"
and "Hanky Panky's NO-Bling Headwraps".

The Biker Chic Boutique

Bring Out Your Biker Chic

If you're a Biker Babe, Harley Harlot, Motorcycle Mama, Bitchin' Biker, Softail Siren or Chopper Chick. . . you can be Biker Chic. We are committed to bringing out your sexy, sassy, smokin' hot style. Biker Chic is classy, not brassy. Biker Chic is woman-owned and operated and many of our brands are also owned and operated by creative, entrepreneurial women. We are by women, for women.



Helcap was created because the majority of Motorcycle Helmets are plain black with no designer fashion. Most Motorcycle riders wear a baseball cap in the reverse position under their helmet. We came up with the idea to place the baseball cap OVER the helmet to provide a fashionable look while maintaining the safety of the helmet. will be the first to offer the safest, yet most stylish accessories/head gear used when operating a motorcycle. It consists of the smallest motorcycle helmet placed within a slightly over-sized baseball cap worn in the reverse position providing the illusion that the operator is wearing a stylish baseball cap while simultaneously wearing a motorcycle helmet. Both DOT approved and Non-DOT will be available.



Are you looking for skull jewelry or skull rings? You have found the right place. But, we don't just have jewelry, we also have clothing, purses, artwork, items for your house, your car or anywhere else you want a skull. Our rings are the most popular item and if you need a ring sizer just click here.

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Maggie Valley Biker Wear

3578 Soco Rd.    Maggie Valley, NC 28751     (828) 926-9077

Maggie Valley Biker Wear is located in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, where the motorcycle rides are legendary. We offer a wide selection of PREMIUM QUALITY, FULL GRAIN leather motorcycle jackets, vests and boots. We also offer excellent motorcycle rainsuits, helmets, chaps and other biker apparel and accessories. Lady riders love our unique assortment of stylish looks for on and off the bike too.  Need to pack your stuff a little tighter on the bike?  We offer a great assortment of tour packs and sissy bar bags at prices that can't be beat.  Stop by when your in the area and say hi!  You and your bike will be so glad you did.