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Copperhill, TN - Things to do

Escape The Line Copperhill

115 Ocoee Street    Copperhill, TN 37317    423-436-1520

" The Ocoee's #1 Escape Room "

A physical adventure game in which players are in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of clues and escape before the time runs out.

Blackbeard's Treasure

While exploring an old lagoon ye crew discovers the Black Pearl in a cave. Upon entering the ship ye quickly realize it's booby trapped! The voice of Captain Blackbeard echo's through the cave, "If ye do not get off me ship within thirty minutes then ye will meet ye watery grave." Ye must find the gold and escape before the ship sinks.

The Flood

Seeking shelter in a rafting cabin during a monsoon of a storm, you quickly realize the flood water is rising! You have 30 minutes to get a raft and save your life!

Defuse - Coming October 1st, 2018

Your team has just learned of an enemy plot to blow up the train. Located somewhere inside there is a bomb. Your mission is to get inside the train, find the bomb and defuse it before the clock runs out. Good Luck Agents!

Buck Bald Brewing

160 Ocoee St.    Copperhill, TN 37317    (706) 431-7141

Born in the mountains of Blue Ridge, GA, Buck Bald Brewing is dedicated to brewing the highest quality beer. Our passion is your pleasure as we combine the best quality ingredients with careful attention to every detail. From our flagship Ragin' Red Ale and Hollerin' Man Pale Ale to styles from across the spectrum you'll love every sip.

We strive to provide great tasting, hand-crafted brews in a fun and friendly location. Stop by soon to see old friends or meet new ones.

So when you're thirstin' for a tasty brew, look for the Hollerin' Man on your tap handle or bottle. You're sure to find beers that will whet your whistle and make you holler for more.

Fill a Pint...Fill a Growler...Fill your Mind!

Check us out on - Untappd and let us know what you think of our beers!