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Germany Motorcycle Tours

Looking to Travel Germany on 2 Wheels? 

Thinking of making a lifetime dream a reality?

The following information will help you make all the necessary arrangements to make your 

Motorcycle Dream Tour come true.

A big Thanks to Wikipedia for all the Geography & Climate information.

Germany is in Western and Central Europe, with Denmark bordering to the north, Poland and the Czech Republic to the east, Austria and Switzerland to the south, Franceand Luxembourg to the southwest, and Belgium and the Netherlands to the northwest. It lies mostly between latitudes 47° and 55° N (the tip of Sylt is just north of 55°), and longitudes and 16° E. The territory covers 357,021 km2 (137,847 sq mi), consisting of 349,223 km2 (134,836 sq mi) of land and 7,798 km2 (3,011 sq mi) of water. It is the seventh largest country by area in Europe and the 62nd largest in the world.

Elevation ranges from the mountains of the Alps (highest point: the Zugspitze at 2,962 metres or 9,718 feet) in the south to the shores of the North Sea (Nordsee) in the northwest and the Baltic Sea (Ostsee) in the northeast. The forested uplands of central Germany and the lowlands of northern Germany (lowest point: Wilstermarsch at 3.54 metres or 11.6 feet below sea level) are traversed by such major rivers as the Rhine, Danube and Elbe. Glaciers are found in the Alpine region, but are experiencing deglaciation. Significant natural resources are iron ore, coal, potash, timber, lignite, uranium, copper, natural gas, salt, nickel, arable land and water.

Most of Germany has a temperate seasonal climate in which humid westerly winds predominate. The country is situated in between the oceanic Western European and thecontinental Eastern European climate. The climate is moderated by the North Atlantic Drift, the northern extension of the Gulf Stream. This warmer water affects the areas bordering the North Sea; consequently in the northwest and the north the climate is oceanic. Germany gets an average of 789 mm (31 in) precipitation per year. Rainfall occurs year-round, with no obligatory dry season. Winters are mild and summers tend to be warm, temperatures can exceed 30 °C (86 °F).

The east has a more continental climate; winters can be very cold and summers very warm, and longer dry periods can occur. Central and southern Germany are transition regions which vary from moderately oceanic to continental. In addition to the maritime and continental climates that predominate over most of the country, the Alpine regions in the extreme south and, to a lesser degree, some areas of the Central German Uplands have a mountain climate, characterised by lower temperatures and greater precipitation.


"Our top featured Motorcycle Tour company for tours in germany"

Magellan Motorcycle Tours

The Watchouse,

Trevaunance cove,

St Agnes,



Phone: 01872 370025

Email:[email protected]


Offering the best holiday any biker could wish for. Whether you want to ride through snow covered peaks, rolling vineyards or just the quietest traffic free roads there is something for everyone on our motorcycle tours Europe and beyond 2015 itinerary. Our tours are all comprehensively planned and led by an experienced guide leaving you with nothing more to do than enjoy the roads, scenery, great food and accommodation.

Germany Black Forest Tour

Motorcycle tours Europe

Germany: Black Forest

May 23rd – June 2nd 2015

11 days

6 countries

from £899

Germany Harz Mountains Tour

Motorcycle tours Europe
Germany: Harz Mountains

July 4th – July 14th 2015

11 days

3 countries

From £899

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