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Motorcycle Performance Products

Find some of the best motorcycle performance products on the market here. From Harley Davidson Oil Coolers and Enrichment devices to the Best Motorcycle Oil Filter ever made.

Oil Bud Harley Oil Coolers

OilBud™ oil cooler for Harley Davidson is built to work and built to last. The cooler adaptors and elements are made from 6061 T6 aluminum. Channels within the cooling element separate oil so that it can dissipate heat through thousands of fins machined on the outer surface. This makes a huge cooling surface (the reason it works in STOP AND GO TRAFFIC without fan assistance!) All cooler fittings are JIC/ORB aircraft style fittings (chromed where visible). O-rings are used instead of leak prone gaskets. OilBud is thermostatically regulated and opens at 185° (fully open at 200°). Keeping oil temps at least 35 degrees cooler between the hot and cold side of the system, makes it the leading Harley cooling system on the market.
By design, being placed up and in between the frame rails, OilBud is virtually undetectable. The wall thickness of the element is 3/32” and the divided channels distribute impact efficiently. There are no concerns with placement because of its amazing durability! -Bud Clarke, designer of OilBud, is so confident in his product that he shot it with a shotgun (both barrels), then pressure tested the element up to a successful 150psi. He even took a sledgehammer to a sample of the element to show the flow would remain unrestricted 

after sustaining an impact.

Cherokee County Cycles

14660 US Hwy 19 

Andrews, NC 28901


The most technically advanced oil filter you can buy

Don’t settle for anything less than a “genuine“ K&P Engineering filter.

High Performance Stainless Steel Micronic Oil Filters
  • Consistent filtering across entire filter surface
  • Superior ASTMF316 filtration performance
  • 7 times the flow of comparable paper oil filters
  • Magnetic Prefiltering
  • Billet aluminum filter case doubles as an oil cooler
  • Progressive rate bypass combined with high flow characteristics of the filter media avoids       unfiltered oil bypassing the filter during cold startup and high rpm
  • No more cutting apart messy paper filters for trapped debris inspection
  • Proven in Motorsports, Military and Aerospace applications for years
  • No more oily paper filters to the landfills

May be the last oil filter you’ll buy. “Inspect, Clean, Reuse” READ MORE...

eXtreme Inline Enrichment Device


Not every Rider needs complex and expensive engine tuners to meet their needs. Most Riders with stock bikes or those making exhaust and/or air cleaner upgrades just want ensure their engine runs properly.
Nightrider's Patented XIED® technology is designed to work with OEM closed-loop ECM's to maintain or improve fuel mixtures. 
  • Simple Plug-N-Play Installation. Your bike is running in minutes. Easy to install or remove. 
  • Cost Effective. Do not worry about expensive piggyback controllers or complex software tuning. No costly Dyno Tuning required.
  • Easy To Adjust. Our adjustable tuning products require nothing more than a small screwdriver to fine tune the fuel mixture.
  • Consistent Results. Like installing a bigger jet in a carburetor. The XiED® family of products has been shown to provide one or more of these benefits.

MGS Custom Bikes 

MGS has been in business successfully for the past 16 years, 12 years incorporated. We have successfully adapted to the changing market and have been able to maintain profitability while many of our competitors have gone out of business. What sets us apart from the rest is our clear vision and ability to foresee the trends and adapt to them. One of those current trends is in the motorcycle exhaust market which is rapidly moving towards performance oriented systems; our specialty. READ MORE...