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Motorcycle Rider & Passenger Accessories

CRUISE PACK™ is a lightweight, fully adjustable accessory for your iPad or other tablet. It is worn comfortably by the front rider to open up limitless possibilities for the individual on back. Whether it's a weekend get-away, or a cross-country trip, the CRUISE PACK™ will enhance the experience. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast who considers road trips with a partner enjoyable, then add the CRUISE PACK™ touring accessory to your list of things to pack.

Road Head Hair Care

The idea for Road Head Hair Care was born on the back of my husband's bike. I know, don't judge me. I ride with my hubby and I love it! We were in Sturgis traveling down Spearfish Canyon. I wondered to myself why no one ever created a hair care line for Bikers? I knew that was something I could really use! As the week progressed, I had a lot of time to think and the concept for Road Head Hair Care was born. While in Sturgis I pitched my idea to friends and random Bikers. They all agreed the Biker Community needed us! What solidified my idea was listening to women proclaiming their hair was a mess after every ride and at every stop. That was enough for me to take the idea and run with it. READ MORE...



Helcap was created because the majority of Motorcycle Helmets are plain black with no designer fashion. Most Motorcycle riders wear a baseball cap in the reverse position under their helmet. We came up with the idea to place the baseball cap OVER the helmet to provide a fashionable look while maintaining the safety of the helmet. will be the first to offer the safest, yet most stylish accessories/head gear used when operating a motorcycle. It consists of the smallest motorcycle helmet placed within a slightly over-sized baseball cap worn in the reverse position providing the illusion that the operator is wearing a stylish baseball cap while simultaneously wearing a motorcycle helmet. Both DOT approved and Non-DOT will be available.

Head Trip Helmets


With its roots in the aerospace and automotive composites industries we have applied state of the art technology to the helmet manufacturing process. Composite Craft supplies a quality product along with quality service.